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Tomorrow is the first day of school for a precious five-year-old, and I’m inspired by her joy. Blogging our Blessings©

I’m grateful for her excitement about finally going to school — her Mom says she’s been waiting and waiting.

I’m grateful for this enthusiasm about education:  This tiny generation likely will go to school for a lifetime, and for that, I am especially thankful.

I’m grateful for my nieces who are in college, university, and grad school in two countries.  I’m grateful for their dedication to their studies — and their social and community life too.  I’m grateful for their volunteering, for the way they help others.

They’re changing the world already, these students.  They teach us, every day.  Just sharing their excitement about the start of this term gives me hope.

One grad student is studying ancient languages, following her intellectual passion and rightly ignoring the voices who don’t understand this pursuit.

One RN just graduated with a Bachelor of Science (she wouldn’t attend ceremonies, doesn’t want any fuss).  When she’s not saving lives every day as an emergency room nurse, she’s traveling the world.

They’re making a difference, these students.

Another friend has returned to school this month for a big career switch.  She moved across country for romance, and found a new path in life.  Her first degree was only the foundation for following a new passion.

Follow your hearts, students.  Your elders offer plenty of advice, and some of it might be worth heeding.  But you know, as deep as cell memory, where you are called.

Show us!

I’m inspired, always, by your dedication to learning, and discovering the world.

Thank you.