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Noticed Finland was among the countries checking in yesterday, and I was thrilled — thrilled! 

Of the dozens of countries that have located this blog since it began two years ago, we haven’t had many readers from Finland.

Oman and Kenya check in occasionally.  India, most days.  Australia, Switzerland, Indonesia, and the Philippines are regular observers.

So is Bhutan.

Qatar, once. Oman, Chad and Rwanda –once each.  Afghanistan, Italy and the United Kingdom, many times.

The U.S. and Canada, every day — I’m bicultural, binational, and live about 150 miles from the border.  I have family on both sides of the 49th parallel, including my “adopted military family.”

I used to log reader locations faithfully, because it was such an honor to know my words were reaching the other side of the world.

Gratitude shared.

For awhile, I tracked every country, logging nations from Peru to Papua (the latter, just last month).  Just counted them tonight: 99 countries since September, 2011.

I always wonder how these readers had found living in gratitude, and wondered if they, too, were living in “a state of grateful.”

I hoped each reader was finding peace, by being mindful about thankfulness.

My goal since I began this blog:  Spreading gratitude, one reader at a time.

Whenever I notice new countries on my daily WordPress chart, I hope that those readers have much to be thankful for.  I hope they’re living in abundance — however anyone defines that — and I hope they’re safe, in a supportive community.  I hope they’re surrounded by love.

I hope they’re living in peace.

And if they’re not, I hope gratitude finds them.  I hope their daily wants are answered, whether it’s fresh, clean water or spiritual rest or freedom.  (Freedom from fear, freedom to speak out, freedom from pain, freedom to be healthy, freedom to write …)

I hope that we, the people — all over the world — listen to those in need, and do something, however small, to help.

Spread gratitude, please.