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living in gratitude©

living in gratitude©

You are the most amazing twins I know.

Your early lives were filled with so much hardship, that even Canadian pioneers had it easy, by comparison.

Yet you laugh about those years.

Your school years were a little better, but still challenging.  You grew up to marry good men, become wonderful mothers, and set an example of hard work and enterprise in your communities.

You have been in my life since I was born.

Your lifelong friendship with my mom astounded me when I was younger, and seems just as astounding today.  Friends-for-life has real meaning for me, because of you.

When I was a girl, I recall encountering one of you scrubbing a bathroom floor, on all fours, cheerfully cleaning.

You told me that no work was demeaning if it made someone’s life better.

I’ve remembered that, all these years.  (I still smile to remember it, when cleaning a bathroom.  And yes, I still hate housework.)

I know my mom has cherished your friendship beyond all others.

Thank you for teaching me about the strong bonds of friendship, and thank you for sharing all your black-and-white photos and grand stories with me.

I especially like hearing about your adventures as retirees, traveling across Canada in a camper, with no reservations and no fear.

You have been an example to your families and to all who know you, of women with great courage and great humor.

Laugh in good health today at your 80th birthday party (after an all-girls’ pajama party!).

May laughter and love embrace you all your days, just as you have spread joy and love to so many others.