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Awoke this morning to an email from a sweet friend who spreads love far and wide.

Friends walking far and wide, B.C. (Kathleen Kenna photo)

Walking on the edge: friends exploring at low tide, Parksville, B.C. (Kathleen Kenna photo)

We were friends from the moment we bumped shoulders — literally — at a crowded meeting at grad school in San Francisco.

We’re friends for life.

I’ve made new friends this year, moving to another state (our sixth, including D.C.).

This is cause for celebration.  Moving to a new place is sometimes daunting.  New friends make everything easier.

I’ve made new friends on Facebook and through LinkedIn too, and renewed friendships through both.  I delight each day in seeing posts from friends in Canada, even if their joyous photos of cats and dogs and kids and neighborhood scenery bring on pangs of homesickness.

Homesickness in this case isn’t an illness, just … sigh … a well-tended longing.

Some complain about others’ travelogues.  I delight in them!  I can’t get enough of my friends’ explorations, whether near or far, and I’m grateful they share their wonder with me, from Brazil to Sweden.

I am grateful every day for the bonds of friendship, for the way love transcends geography and time.

While some whine about too much Facebook traffic, I celebrate each photo, each see-what-I’m-doing post as yet another connection with a friend I haven’t seen in a long time, and with friends who share a long-distance bond of gratitude.

I see personal Facebook posts as gifts.

A friend is taking time to make a connection, from the other side of the country, from another country, across continents even, seeking more connections.  We’re sharing our joy, and, sometimes, sorrow.

In a world where connections are strained and abandoned, we truly share.

I’m always grateful for friendship.  We spread our love far and wide.