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Encountered a new phrase while reading a corporate psychology book this morning:  ‘Unrealistic optimism.’

San Diego bar, El Take It Easy. (Hadi Dadashian photo)

Hmmmmm …

Only in the corporate world could such a phrase exist.

It’s the old glass half-full, half-empty philosophy.  Do we see the world as a glass half-drained? Or is it yet to be filled?

If history-making hurricanes wipe out a place, it’s natural to despair over innumerable losses.

Yet is it unrealistic optimism to welcome Red Cross volunteers and others swarming to help?

Is it unrealistic optimism to imagine rebuilding, even among the ruins of a storm-wrecked community?

Ask the survivors of Sandy, Katrina and more.

True, some see only hopelessness ahead because they have lost everything and believe they have nothing.

Others see nothing, and know — with whatever spirit one wants to label it — that something better lies ahead.

They survived.  That is all they need to know.  What is a house, a house full of things, a boat, a car, a garage full of more things — what is all that compared to life? Compared to giving and sharing and, yes, caring?  And being cared for.

I imagine psychologists studying corporate workplace dynamics can’t imagine that.

I can’t imagine they don’t recognize hope.

With gratitude today to everyone who knows hope, and shares it.