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living in gratitude©

living in gratitude©

Bill and Melinda Gates get all the media attention for trying to rid the world of preventable diseases, but Peace Corps volunteers are on the ground every day helping Africans and others who need fresh water, among other basics.

Warren Buffett gives his gazillions to Gates; we, the people, can give to the Peace Corps campaign: Stomping Out Malaria in Africa.

Jordan Blekking gave up comfort in Michigan to go to Zambia with the Peace Corps.

The self-described star gazer, traveler and scuba diver writes about life in Zambia at his Tracking Elephants blog.

In Sweden, prolific blogger and author Henrik Edberg writes about living simply, and finding happiness.  He designs courses on building self-esteem, and finding “awesomeness” in everyday life.  Find him at the positivity blog — more than 58,000 other readers have!

I dive, you dive, I wish everyone could scuba dive at least once to appreciate why we shouldn’t put toxins down the drain, why we should fight to protect coral, why we must save wild fish … (yes, I could go on) … Save The Ocean is a great new blog from Maui.

I always say teachers are the unsung heroes in our society.  Carolyn Highland is teaching English as a second language in Chile this year, and her post about the “unbearable lightness of teaching” at the CIEE (Council on International Education Exchange) blog gave me real hope for the students often derided as pesados.  Follow the  blogs of Carolyn and other teachers — just pick a country you want to learn about — and see the world through the hopeful eyes of young ESL teachers, from Vietnam to the Dominican Republic.

Ask:  Who is the most vulnerable in the United States? (in Canada? New Zealand? pick a country).  Helen Oliff and Kelly Gibson answer that question with their blog at National Relief Charities.  Its mission: “building strong, self-sufficient American Indian communities.”

When I want to read about Americans working for social justice in this country, I turn to Sojourners and one of this country’s most inspiring men, Jim Wallis.  There are always emerging writers on Sojo blogs who makes me grateful that there is a such good home for their words.  Treasure Ingels-Thompson writes from rural, central Alabama about the kind of American she aspires to be.

Thank you to all these bloggers who are making a difference.  Thanks especially to everyone who steps out of her comfort zone and embraces a new culture, and writes about it for the rest of us.