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Super Sweet Blogging Award

Most of the fun in getting a Super Sweet Blogging Award is spreading the sweetness.

Today, four more blogs spreading joy across the blogosphere:

dailygratitudeblog is the work of artist and Kripalu yoga teacher, Teal Marie Fyrberg.  She shares gratitude from her Blissful Body Yoga studio in North Carolina.

Sally Clarkson writes books and blogs about motherhood and Christian homeschooling at itakejoy.  The mother of four lives in the Rocky Mountains, where she leads a ministry for women.

Anyone who writes about wonder is an inspiration.  Read novelist Julie Halpern’s blog of wonder at juliehalpern.

Seeking happiness and fun?  Searching for advice on love and relationships? Get all of this and more at tinybuddha, one of the more artful blogs we’ve seen about mindfulness.

NEXT:  Yet more blogs for that Super Sweet Award