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Super Sweet Blogging Award

One of the rules of blogging awards is to recommend other blogs, so I’m spreading out my “baker’s dozen” this week, because I want readers to take a big bite of each blog, and savor their sweetness.

My first nomination for the Super Sweet Blogging Award goes to the Philippines, where a yoga teacher named Tara Mackeigan blogs about living in joy and “living in the NOW” at TaraJoyblogs.

Tara writes from deep gratitude, as a woman who has taught yoga to underprivileged children, been a teacher to youngsters with developmental disabilities, and now lives in an intentional community in Puerto Princessa.  Tara describes herself as the “resident yoga, dance and workshop facilitator at Bahay Kalipay raw food and retreat house” and I’m honored to meet her, from so far away, online.

Second nomination goes to New York, where David Etkin at Sweet Home Middle School in Amherst is encouraging children to read at {Eat the Book}.  He celebrates reading, urging grown-ups to buy/share/read aloud books to kids, and urging kids to gobble up books.

Etkin was inspired by R.J. Palacio’s Wonder, the fabulous novel that has won the hearts of millions of children (and adults who live in child-like wonder).

Palacio’s publisher, Random House, is inviting everyone to take a pledge of kindness, honoring the spirit of her book about learning to live with differences.  The pledge asks all of us to “choose kind“.

I signed the pledge this morning, so became the 13,150th person to make a public vow of kindness.  Most of those who signed the pledge are students — whole schools of young people across the country, promising in front of their peers and families, to be kind.

Spread the sweetness.

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