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Our resident hummingbirds are so sweet, they caught the attention of a blogger who writes about something much larger — great blue herons. Blogging our Blessings©

It was a delight to discover Babje’s blog, Great Blue Herons when she nominated us for the Super Sweet Blog Award.

This nomination arrived on a day when a gorgeous white egret flew across our deck, while the teensy hummingbird was feeding.

Bird and bird-watcher both froze at the sight of such an elegant creature.

Ah … this is the sweet beauty of living near water.

And this is the beauty of finding other bloggers like Babsje, whose lens captures far more than mine.

Super Sweet Blogging AwardThanks for the nomination, Babsje.  And thanks for your sweet, inspiring blog.

TOMORROW:  Some sweet answers to Super Sweet Blog Award questions