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We knew we had found the right place when the first thing we saw here was a hummingbird.

We were even more convinced that we had made a good choice when birdsong replaced our alarm clock.  Birds sing and sing and sing here, and make our mornings brighter.

And then a bald eagle cruised our neighborhood, and our new place became a home.

Such a grand welcome to Washington!

Western tanager. (Hadi Dadashian photo)

Western tanager in Washington. (Hadi Dadashian photo)

The joy of discovery in a new place eases all the stress of traveling, moving swiftly, beginning a new job, unpacking … and makes every single day an adventure.

Our new place is almost in the treetops, and we can’t identify all the birds giving us such a sweet introduction to our new state.

So when a brilliant redhead took over the flowering trees next to our balcony, we dashed for a camera and a bird book. Soon, there was another and then another and then four of these bright yellow birds, appearing to chase less dazzling females.

Western tanagers!

They stayed only a few hours, performing mating acrobatics in the mid-day sun, and then they were gone.  Rain dampened the birdsong for awhile, and our woods were oh-so-quiet, with only the sound of dripping water.

I’m bursting with gratitude in our new home.