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living in gratitude©

living in gratitude©

Eleanor Roosevelt challenged us to do something every day that scares us.

How to do that, now?

I’m thinking of that First Lady when I’m skipping.  I haven’t had a skipping rope since I was a young girl, so bought one for fitness and improving balance.

I bought it when I didn’t have health insurance, as part of my stay fit/stay healthy goals.

My inspiration came from a friend who began skipping rope in her garage.  She was so emboldened by her progress in the dark, my friend was soon skipping outdoors by her oceanside home.

Here are two things I learned, in gratitude, from skipping:

1.  Adults look silly jumping rope.

2.  As a woman with disabilities, I look ridiculous even trying.  But once in motion, my heart skips with joy every single turn of that rope.

I’ve learned to laugh out loud instead of being frustrated and embarrassed when my limbs end in a tangle, and the skipping seems more stop than start.

I’m saying my gratitudes while skipping, with every clumsy hop.  I’m grateful for being in motion, and the sensation of building strength with girl-like glee.

(Read more about Eleanor Roosevelt at the National First Ladies Library.)