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I am filled with gratitude because I’ve started a new job. God bless America!

Rainbow, Southern Oregon. (Kathleen Kenna photo)

Sign of hope: Rainbow over our Southern Oregon home. (Kathleen Kenna photo)

I’m filled with joy because it has been my career goal, to help wounded warriors find renewed purpose and hope in life.

I changed careers and went back to school for this, for one simple reason: To say thanks.

The U.S. Special Forces saved my life when I was almost killed in Afghanistan during my first career.

After a long recovery, I figured the best way to give back would be to become a rehabilitation counselor, to help the injured returning from war in that country and in Iraq.

So I’ve joined the VA (Veterans Affairs) to pay it forward.

God bless the troops. I’ll do my best to spread the hope they gave me and my family, when we sorely needed it.

Kathleen Kenna, MS, CCTP, is a rehabilitation counselor and Certified Clinical Trauma Counselor.