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I cringed and cried out loud when we watched newscasts last night of the explosions at the Boston Marathon.

Anyone who has survived such an attack instantly relives the horror of the explosion that maimed them, comingled with the horror that now, again, other innocents are killed and wounded.

This time, an eight-year-old child was among the three dead.

Amid all the frantic questions we have about such a ghastly attack, I hope we can pause  to reflect on the courage of the first responders, and thank them.

When most of us run away from terror, first responders run toward it. They face it, so they can save lives, help the wounded, and ease suffering.

All those race volunteers in orange vests, all the paramedics, firefighters, police and others running toward the smoke in Boston yesterday remind us of the extraordinary compassion of first responders — whether they’re in uniform or not.

I am always grateful for all those who saved my life after a near-fatal attack in Afghanistan.

And when terror strikes here or beyond our borders, I’m ever-grateful for the bravery of women and men who risk their lives to save others.

God bless first responders everywhere — especially, today, in Boston.