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Spring petals, Southern Oregon. (Kathleen Kenna)

Spring petals on my street. (Kathleen Kenna photo)

We enjoyed the cherry blossoms of Washington, D.C., for years, but I don’t remember pink snow.

Yet one day of rain in Southern Oregon, and our flowering trees have begun to shed.

This is such a wonder, that I was out snapping quick photos all over the ‘hood yesterday. (This so amused the neighbors that one came outdoors to tease, “Really? You think this is a big deal?“)

The petals are so thick, they drift on cars like snowflakes. They’re carpeting our lawns and tree beds with pink. By mid-afternoon, sidewalks were blanketed with so much of the pink stuff that footprints, a bicycle, and then a skateboard left tracks.



Pink 'snow', Southern Oregon. (Kathleen Kenna photo)

Pink “snow”, Southern Oregon. (Kathleen Kenna photo)

Showers became a drizzle, so even a short walk meant being coated in petals.

The fragrance of the fresh rain heightened that perfume of spring blossoms we’ve been enjoying for weeks.

My happiness swelled.

I had been thinking, at Easter, of some loved ones who are ill, and wishing I had some way of cheering them from afar.

So I’m sending them blossom tracks today, hoping that beauty is a spring tonic.

Footprints in cherry blossoms, Southern Oregon. (Kathleen Kenna photo)

Footprints in cherry blossoms, Southern Oregon. (Kathleen Kenna photo)










Kathleen Kenna photo

Walking in our pretty-in-pink neighborhood. (Kathleen Kenna photo)









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