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living in gratitude©

living in gratitude©

Sometimes, the need is so great, we don’t believe we can make any difference — but one click can.

As a rehabilitation counselor who specializes in working with wounded vets, I made The Veterans Site part of my Greater Good home page, so that I could start each day with a daily reminder to thank them.

One daily click shows support for thousands of vets who have returned home to uncertainty and indifference.

It helps provide meals for homeless veterans, estimated at almost 20% of all Americans living without a stable home. (Consider that vets are about 8% of the U.S. population.)

How can this happen in a country that spent trillions of dollars to send these men and women to war?

“They may slip through the cracks due to traumatic brain or other injury, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD),” the site advises. “They may lack the support they need to transition successfully to civilian life, or they may be victims of a down and unforgiving economy.”

I’ve worked with homeless vets in two states, and seen the despair that can take hold after injuries heal. I’ve worked with veterans who risked their lives for their country, then returned home to find no help for them or their families.

I’ve worked with homeless vets who served in Vietnam and have never recovered from their war wounds.

Working with vets from the first Gulf War, the Iraq and Afghanistan wars — and other conflicts already forgotten — I found most want very little in return for the sacrifices they made for their country.

I’ve also witnessed the gratitude and joy of veterans and their loved ones, when fellow citizens recognize their service and help them with jobs, and other support.

The Veterans Site partners with businesses and non-profits all over the country to ensure homeless veterans, at least, are fed.

In January, 2.3 million clicks on the site fed 9,200 vets. In February, clicks had dropped to 1.9 million, and 7,900 meals.

Check the site for other ways to help even more — it’s the easiest way to show our thanks.

Giving on Sunday is a weekly feature of living in gratitude.