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Spring blossoms, Southern Oregon. (Kathleen Kenna photo)

Southern Oregon bursts into bloom. (Kathleen Kenna photo)

Our temperature soared to 69 yesterday, and my writing went out the window.

The sunshine was so powerful, we kept finding excuses to be outdoors.

Short walks turned into long walks. Our neighborhood has the scent of spring, with budding trees and newly planted pansies.

People out walking were smiling in greeting, and sharing stories about their dogs. Everyone seems to have new energy.

I’m grateful for roadside trees that seem to have burst into flower overnight. I’m grateful for the county workers who are improving our roads and walkways, and planting saplings along our greenway.

I’m truly thankful for greenway improvements that clear brush and the detritus of winter. It’s our favorite trail, paved, wide and accessible, beside Bear Creek.

I’m grateful to local businesses for planting bulbs last year that are now gracing our sidewalks with my favorite spring color, yellow.

Daffodil border. (Kathleen Kenna photo)

Thanks to local businesses for bright borders of daffodils. (Kathleen Kenna photo)

We were saying our gratitudes aloud to each other yesterday, thanking a nearby business for its just-planted begonias, then another for a dazzling border of daffodils.

We stopped at a corner where construction work had stalled traffic for several blocks with narrowed lanes.

County workers are improving our winter-shocked roads, adding new asphalt and improving an intersection that is difficult for pedestrians.

We laughed because there appeared to be far too many orange-vested supervisors for the job, and one sauntered over to thank us for our patience. He carefully explained the road improvements, as if we had stopped for an inspection.

We were waiting at the lights when a young boy bumped into my back. Turned to meet his mom, who apologized, because they were both hefting a lot of stuff.

“Isn’t it such a gorgeous day?” I asked.

The woman, weighed down by a plump backpack and carrying parcels, frowned and replied, “It’s far too hot!”

I’m grateful for the pace of a small city, for its small courtesies, and for end-of-winter weather that confounds.

I wish you could see what I see is an occasional feature, when my camera captures something I just have to share, in joy and peace.