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Thanks to A Very English Yogi for nominating living in gratitude for the Liebster Award.
I’m grateful for the honor, but even more grateful, of course, to meet more bloggers in other parts of the world. This very English yogi writes from northern England, after a few years in Africa. His blog (the joyful Matala design by Nicolo Volpato) is so gorgeous, it just makes me happy visiting.
Namaste, dear yogi.
As with most blogging awards, this one has rules. This award asks for elevens: 11 random facts about the nominee; 11 answers to questions posed by the Liebster Award blogger; and a guide to 11 more blogs.
The latter always takes me awhile, because I can’t devote as much time as I would like to reading others’ blogs each day. However, these awards are a journey of discovery, of roaming the world via social media, to explore the words and art and stunning photos of other bloggers. It’s always a joy.
To start, 11 random facts about myself:
1.  I live in love.
2.  I live in gratitude, true and deep thankfulness.
3.  Disability bars me from driving, but I once owned a sleek, blue sports car. It was a Fiat X19 and it was so cool, the roof slid off and was stored in the front trunk. The motor was wedged in behind the driver’s head. Driving it was sheer pleasure, only inches from the pavement. It also meant becoming best friends with mechanics and Italian auto parts suppliers, everywhere I lived.
4.  I don’t eat meat. I don’t care for arguments about vegan/vegetarian or other labels. It’s just food.
5.  I love music and dance. I am not talented in these arts, so I’m ever-grateful to enjoy the passion of others.
6.  I am an unemployed rehabilitation counselor, among many jobless counselors in the U.S. (where we truly don’t believe in paying taxes for social supports or public health). I am studying for my LPC, to become a licensed private counselor. This is good for my soul, if not my income.
7.  As a counselor, I specialize in trauma, especially with veterans. In life, I’ve experienced different traumas at different ages and in different countries, and have learned this: Most of us are traumatized. It’s how we grow from it that makes the difference.
8.  I live very simply so that I can afford more travel.
9.  I read all the time, always have. Current recommended book: Earthway: A Native American Visionary’s Path to Total Mind, Body and Spirit Health by Mary Summer Rain.
10.  I am a new American citizen, so stuffing myself on U.S. histories, biographies and more. Recommended: Team of Rivals, the Pulitzer Prize-winner by historian Doris Kearns Goodwin, and the movie, Lincoln, by Steven Spielberg. Both were provocative, after months of reading about American civil rights history, and the long struggle of African Americans to gain any rights in this country, generations after Lincoln’s death.
11.  Blogging urges me to explore, and commands all my senses.
TOMORROW:  11 answers to 11 questions posed by A Very English Yogi.