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Photographer Hadi Dadashian. (Kathleen Kenna photo)hian. (Kath

Photographer Hadi Dadashian at work on the Oregon coast. (Kathleen Kenna photo)

Not many women get to thank their hero every day.

But then, not many women have had their lives saved by their lover.

I thank God for you every day, Hadi.

I give thanks for your laughter and your love, for your honesty and strength of character. I’m grateful for your kindness and sensitivity, for your egalitarianism and for your faith.

I’m especially grateful for your incredible courage, during war (!) and peace.

I give thanks for all of you. I’m grateful for every moment we’re fortunate to share.

We were blessed to meet; we are blessed to be able to work and travel and play together.

Through near-death, disability, unemployment and more, you have stayed. Lesser men would have left.

On your 50th birthday, I give thanks for your late father and for your mother — my other mother — and for their three sons.

I am grateful they welcomed me so generously and with so much love from the start. Your family is my family is our family.

I’ve heard so many loving stories about your father, who died when you were only a boy, and I wish he could see you today.

I wish he could see the 50-year-old man who has given so much, the good man who means so much to me.

Photographer Hadi Dadashian (Kathleen Kenna photo)

These shots of Hadi Dadashian were taken without his knowledge or consent. He has agreed to let me use them here, one time only, because this blog is about gratitude and giving. (Kathleen Kenna photo and text)

We are blessed, in joy and love.

And a half-century later, I know Ibrahim would share this great surge of gratitude for his youngest son.

This is the second in a weekly series, Giving Sundays.

Since it’s his 50th, this is Hadi Dadashian Day!

Since we don’t give each other gifts, we donated $15 to Greater Good to help starving families in the Sahel region of Africa.