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Science is finally catching on to something the world’s great religions have taught always: Being grateful is good for you and others.

There’s a lot of research on gratitude = happiness, which is reassuring for the secular crowd. For many people of faith, they don’t need that confirmation.

For them, being grateful is part of their core values and belief about goodness in the world. Spreading gratitude — and the joy that goes with it — spurs many people to selfless acts, all over the planet.

Blog of the year award goes to all the gratitude bloggers, who are spreading this message of living in gratitude, through words and images and film.

With thanks to Our Souls Purpose.

With thanks to Our Souls Purpose.

One of the most prominent is the 365 Grateful project by Australian filmmaker-speaker-entrepreneur Toni Powell.

She writes a gratitude blog. She makes films about gratitude. She even teaches corporations how to incorporate gratitude into their work day and, one hopes, into their business practices.

Blog of the Year Award to Toni Powell and all the other bloggers who write about the importance of gratitude in their lives, including Christine Martin at Our Souls Purpose, the Indiana life coach who nominated living in gratitude for this award.

Christine has started a Yahoo discussion group on gratitude, exploring the ways it makes a positive difference in people’s lives. I predict this will spawn more gratitude blogs.

Alyson and David Shaldrake, the British artist and photographer who launched this Blog of the Year Award, show gratitude in their art and their passion for the Algarve. They blog and they tweet about gratitude at the Thought Palette from their U.K. home and from the beach in Portugal.