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I’ve always been a social justice champion, in my writing and my work (volunteer and paid), and in my personal life.

I believe that peaceful protest can change minds, change lives, and change our world, one little voice, one loud voice at a time.

So today’s Blog of the Year Award goes to crowdvoice.org, an online project that is a visual, audio blog with more impact than most text-only blogs.

With thanks to Our Souls Purpose.

With thanks to Our Souls Purpose.

If you wonder about events in South Africa, in Central and South America, you’ll want to check out the voices here.

Learn about electoral fraud in Mexico, and the fight for migrants’ rights in the mideast. Learn more about what citizens are doing to combat censorship in China.

You’ll add new words to your vocabulary without leaving home. Perhaps learning about bidoon in Kuwait will elicit empathy for the stateless in Kuwait, and for the displaced everywhere. Perhaps you’ll care more, want to do more, when you see what vulnerable people are doing to stand up to oppression all over the planet.

I am emboldened by Crowdvoice.

It reaffirms for me that one little voice added to another little voice can make a very loud, law-changing, culture-changing noise. Crowdvoice proves it, one protest at a time.

With gratitude to Christine at Our Souls Purpose for the Blog of the Year Award, and to Alyson and David Shaldrake at The Thought Palette for creating the award. Thanks for their inspiring blogs!