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One of the strongest commitments I’ve made in life was to a little girl who just wanted a sister.

I wanted to be a Big Sister; she was the only girl in a household of boys.

We found each other through the “special friends” volunteer program at Metro Toronto Children’s Aid Society. We’ve been friends for decades, through everything life throws at girls and women. She will always be my little sister. I am godmother to her two wonderful children.

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Because I am such a strong believer in the power of one adult helping one child, (mentor/mentee, big brother/little brother, and the like), I nominate Kids Hope USA for blog of the year. They actually have several blogs about helping American youth, one at a time.

It’s uplifting just to read about the joy Kids Hope spreads, one adult volunteer at a time. Even more uplifting, of course, to see the difference each child makes to each adult, to all the adults involved. Imagine what they were all missing before this extraordinary partnership.

Kids Hope USA has linked tens of thousands of children through churches and schools across the country. Their motto could guide Americans in all kinds of helping ways: “Do something real.” Imagine if we all helped our neighbors with that mission in mind.

Kids Hope USA has a solid mission: “One child. One hour. One church. One school.”

With so many children at risk in the U.S., the partnership of schools and faith groups  and service clubs and non-profits is vital. “Do something real,” these volunteers urge.

It’s a mission for all of us, and Kids Hope USA shows how it can be done, one child, one adult at a time.

With gratitude to Christine at Our Souls Purpose for the Blog of the Year Award, and to Alyson and David Shaldrake at The Thought Palette for creating the award. Thanks to all of them for their inspiring blogs!