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One of the great joys of blogging is learning how others all over the world are using their voice to reach others.

Christine at Our Souls Purpose is one of those.

She’s an “encouragement coach” in Indiana, a self-described, 40-year-old wife and mom.

Read her award-winning blog and you’ll learn about vision boards, showing compassion, finding joy, learning how to forgive, and much more.

The best two words of advice I’ve found on Christine’s inspiring blog? Sow love.

Her blog sings with love. Many mothers share Christine’s gift, sowing love wherever and whenever it’s needed most.

I’ve been thinking a lot about love lately, because I was drafting a couple of year-end posts and trying to determine the one thing for which I’m most thankful. I was wondering whether one can distill their daily gratitude into one word.

Thanks, Christine, for recommending living in gratitude for this award. It’s an honor from another blogger seeking to encourage others. It’s encouraging me!

Like all blog awards, this one comes with rules from the originating blog, The Thought Palette, in England. (The art alone from Alyson and David Shaldrake is uplifting.)

Anyone accepting the award must agree to:

✔ thank the blogger who nominated them;

✔ link to that blog and the originating blog;

✔ nominate other blogs for this 2012 award.

All recipients can join the Blog of the Year 2012 Facebook page, thus spreading the love even more.

This award comes during a week of retrospection about this blog and blogging in general.

I’ve been thinking of ways to use the global platform of WordPress for greater good.

As a result, I’m widening the approach of living in gratitude in 2013. I’m going to connect with more bloggers who are writing to encourage others, like Christine at Our Souls Purpose. And I’m going to write more about how others live in thankfulness, and express it. As Christine says every day in her blog, “Sow love.”

With gratitude, Kathleen Kenna