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A 24-year-old friend is running today, and while she’s racing in another country, I’m thinking of her words, “Live. Travel. Eat. Run.”

I’m grateful for her inspiration.

She’s running a 5K in preparation for a half-marathon. I suspect there’s a full marathon on the horizon.

Arriving at this moment has meant a lot of dedication — to helping others and challenging herself.

She’s among a growing number of young women working hard at being stronger and fit, our new “sweat pink ambassadors.”

Amid increasing obesity rates and lack of exercise among all generations, these women are proving that work and study and play make a good life balance, especially if they’re eating well, getting rest (always tough when you’re working two jobs and studying for a new career), and exercising.

“One day, one moment at a time,” my friend states on her blog, Live. Travel. Eat. Run.

Check it out, and join me in cheering her, from afar, along the race route.

Run, Amalia, run — then rest well! And thanks for inspiring so many with your blog and your exuberance for life.