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Writers are such dreamers.

There are days we would do almost anything to avoid writing — wash the dishes, wash the dog, clean house, take a walk, get the mail, read the mail, carefully divide the mail for recycling …

living in gratitude©

Yet writing is almost as essential as breathing for many of us.

Can’t live with it/can’t live without it.

Daily blogging changes that, or, at least it did for me.

I began this blog a year ago to show others some small ways of healing from trauma, and discovered what I’ve always known, but refused to acknowledge while I was recovering: Writing is therapeutic.

Blogging every day has made me a more disciplined writer too, after decades of writing professionally.

Like Ernest Hemingway — my first love, as a teen reporter — I have learned to seize the early morning as my own, luxuriating in that near-dawn silence as my private writing time. I suspect this is a gift of aging too.

Like John Steinbeck, I have learned to be more faithful to my craft. While Steinbeck imposed daily word counts on himself to maintain order in a disordered life (he wrote through divorce, moves, pesky neighbors, and house renos), I’ve used WordPress templates to give order to my rambling thoughts and oh-too-easy procrastination.

Again with the aging — I understand now why procrastination is considered a luxury of youth.

Daily blogging removes all excuses for putting off writing. WordPress simplifies everything from word counts to spacing to adding images, so there’s no excuse for avoiding the small exercise of shaping thoughts into text.

This simplifies writing, at least beyond Steinbeck’s tortured, daily, longhand art. (Still impressed that those longhand notes became classic novels with few revisions.)

Best, there is joy in daily blogging. Where some see compulsion in starting each day with writing, I revel in its freedom.

I am grateful every day for the freedom to write, for the ability to write when/how/what I want, and for the sheer joy of blogging every morning. It’s a blessing, truly.