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Gratitude is contagious.

Grateful for August blooms. (Kathleen Kenna photo)

Start living in gratitude and you’ll see it seep into all parts of your life. You’ll spread it to others, often without knowing.

Here’s an example: On a very hot, steamy day, when everyone seems a little cranky, a teen boy holds open a door for me.

I’m so surprised by his good manners — anyone holding a door open for anyone else these days is a surprise — that I thank him profusely.

Then he apologizes for not grabbing the door more quickly.

We laugh, and thank each other.

I am so buoyed by meeting such a thoughtful stranger, that I am especially careful to thank everyone I meet that day.

That’s not a big crowd, but I pay more attention to the way people brighten when someone thanks them. It’s a sign of being a good neighbor.

Please, spread gratitude.