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On these hottest days, when triple-digit temps scorch our skin and earth, let’s look out for each other.

On these hot days, let’s help others chill. (Kathleen Kenna photo)

When 60 wildfires lick across the western U.S., killing animals, ruining homes and businesses, and threatening lives, let’s help those who have lost so much.

When inner city heat soars, let’s look out for people who are ill, children, elders, people with disabilities, pregnant women — the most vulnerable among us — who don’t have air conditioning or access to a cool place. Let’s make certain they’re safe.

Let’s be kinder to each other, offer water and food to those without.

Let’s send comfort, in prayers, in kind thoughts, emails, and in donations if we can’t physically help a neighbor in distress.

A friend several states away sends us “cool thoughts” as our thermometer seems stuck at 105˚, then keeps climbing. That helps a lot! I’m grateful for cool thoughts sent from a cool friend.

I’m grateful for neighbors helping each other in Oregon, Idaho, California, Colorado … all the wildfire states, where families fleeing the flames with their horses and pets report that everyone is trying their best to help each other.

I’m grateful for those seemingly tireless firefighters and fire-fighting pilots and ground crews — heroes all.

In natural disasters like these, in any kind of disaster in America, we can donate time or money (or both!) to the American Red Cross.

For 130 years, their volunteers and staff have been helping neighbors through fires, floods and every manner of disaster. I am ever-grateful for their work at home, and around the world.

It’s just being neighborly, on these hottest days, to look out for each other.