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Seattle business. (Kathleen Kenna photo)

We ponder the erosion of the culture of kindness.  Some claim kindness is gone from our mainstream culture, especially in big cities.

Authors are publishing books about the rise of a rude culture; our universities are studying it, and professors of psychology and sociology, publishing papers on the end of civility.

Travel through large urban centers as a stranger and you’ll encounter plenty of rudeness. It sometimes seems kindness is, indeed, lost.

I’m always sensitive to this, always wondering if we are losing/have lost kindness toward each other, especially the most vulnerable.

On a recent business trip in Seattle, I was so struck by this open display of kindness at an urban shop, I had to record it.

I didn’t have time to meet the owners, and traffic was so busy, I couldn’t see the business sign, across the street. I believe it was a yoga center or inspirational book store, and regret I didn’t have time to thank the owners for their street art.

Instead, I took a deep breath on a busy street, pondering kindness.


Seattle business. (Kathleen Kenna photo)