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I’m more relaxed when I travel, whether it’s for work or play or both.

I tend to my body more, listen to what it needs (more sleep? more walking on the beach?) and do my best to deliver.

Never know what you’ll see when traveling: Following an antique car on a Washington drive on Sunday morning. (Hadi Dadashian photo)

I feel more healthy when I’m traveling, and perhaps that’s because one tends to take more care when navigating new climate and terrain, new food and drink, and trying to find fresh, potable water.

It’s probably because I sleep more — a LOT more!

My mind calms when I’m traveling too, allowing me to be more open to new experiences, trying new things (yes, zip lines), meeting new people.  I walk so much when traveling — for work and play — that I meditate in motion.

I still the mind by focusing on one thought and just watch where it goes.

And sometimes, when the motion and the mind are in sync on these meditative walks, I am thankful that travel opens both.