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I’m grateful for Will Rogers, partway through an endurance marathon to raise funds to help vulnerable women.

Will Rogers, Canadian paramedic, suited up for marathon Pacific swim.

Let’s call him “the man of the summer” for his gruelling feat of biking more than 273 miles and swimming almost 14 miles in June to help women and girls through Servants Anonymous.

Will’s “Million Dollar Journey” for Servants Anonymous.

Will rode through rain and heavy headwinds for half of his 273+-mile trek from Penticton, B.C., to the capital, Victoria.

Then he slapped on a wetsuit and plunged into 53˚F water to swim almost 14 miles from the British Columbia mainland to Galiano Island.  The water was so cold, Will’s body temperature dropped to 93˚F and he went into uncontrollable shivering unless he kept moving.

Will Rogers during second of three-part ultra-marathon.

So Will kept moving — and will stay in motion until he finishes the third part of this ultra-marathon.

That’s 310 miles, through hot, semi-desert conditions, then a tough mountain pass. Will starts that July 9.

This Canadian paramedic worked overtime half a year, then trained half a year to prepare for this feat of endurance.  As we approach the 2012 Olympics in London, where competition focuses on glory, it’s remarkable to see a 53-year-old grandfather showing we can push our limits to help others.

“Man of the summer” Will Rogers.