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I’ve been fortunate to travel this country from Alaska to Florida, from Rhode Island to California, and I can say this: The United States is a country with a big heart.

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Beyond these borders, many see only the negatives in America.  Listen to the pundits inside these borders, and you would swear we’re a polarized nation, so split by our differences we can’t find any commonality.

Yet the U.S. is a great commons of people from many communities around the world.  Its diverse cultures make it one of the most fascinating countries on the planet.

Across this nation, there are communities trying to do the right thing, trying to help each other during this long and lagging recession (a psychological recession, although it no longer fits the official economic definition).

Everywhere I’ve traveled in this country, I’ve met generous people in communities large and small, from aboriginal families in the far north, to rough-edged youth in Los Angeles.  I’ve found Americans are generous to each other, in community, even if others aren’t always that generous to them.

This is a growing country, balancing the needs of many with the greed of some.  It’s far too easy to focus on the latter and ignore the former.  There are many here helping others — we just don’t always see that, nor appreciate it.

I’m grateful to live in the United States, a country with a big heart.