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living in gratitude©

I am so thankful for healthy living, especially after sleeping nine hours last night.

That’s nine hours without interruption.

Seldom happens.  I’ve lived with insomnia for awhile, the 2 a.m. wake-up that extends to 3, then 4, then all the hours ’til I finally give up and go back to writing.

So I’m thankful for a busy period of work and exercise and travel that left me so happily tired at day’s end that I’ve been sleeping through most nights.

Most — I’ve still had some long bouts of night wakefulness. I’m just concentrating more on trying to remedy that.

I’m grateful this morning for all the changes I’ve been making in my life to stay healthy.

I’m grateful for the extra energy, the buoyant optimism as a result.

I’m ever grateful for good health, grateful for the strength it takes to be healthy — and for the strength it delivers.