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A note of deepest gratitude today to Hagerman Mennonite Church, at the edge of Toronto, Canada:

I haven’t been with you since the beginning, 75 years ago.

But you have been with me since my beginning.

I spent my childhood and early teen years at Hagerman, and friendships made there are the only ones that have endured a lifetime.

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I haven’t always followed the teachings of my first church, yet its foundations of peace, justice and love have kept me grounded.

No matter where I worshipped, no matter where I worked for justice, it was Hagerman’s teachings that helped guide me, over decades, at home in Canada, and then, when other countries became home.

As Hagerman Mennonite Church celebrates its 75th anniversary today, I send prayers of deep gratitude to its congregation, for teaching me about non-violence and unconditional love for others.