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I’m the laziest online reader, so when The Versatile Blogger award arrived with a rule about linking to 15 more blogs I like, it wasn’t easy. There are so many good ones …

I flit from blog to blog, appreciating this post, that poem, this art … so here are 15 I recommend for inspiration, for appreciating heartfelt work, for connecting with other WordPress creators:

1.  The Mindful Word: Mindful living, from meditation to traveling to vegan triathletes.

2.  River Under WaterHeart-stirring art by Colleen Ponce.

3.  ChicqueroDenis Braguini Bevacqua and Lailah Chamon Botelho from Brazil bring style and sauciness to their blog. This particular link has some great quotations with art.

4.  Nature Blog Network: Found Mike Bergin’s WordPress/Sandbox project through a sweet little blog from Pennsylvania …

5.  Some Little Crum CreekThis nature blog proves if you write what you know, photograph what draws your curiousity … readers will share your love of a little corner of creation.

6.  My Daily CreativityTherapist Angela Doo shows courage in probing her grief through a blog of art and writing and appreciation of the support of others.

7.  Words/LoveI like Francesca Zelnick’s emphatic voice, as in “Don’t waste your light.”  Who can argue with that?  See her Margaret Atwood quotation, on “why I write.”

8.  Kelly BuckleyNon-fiction author, speaker, motivational blogger, nurse … Kelly was born in Canada and lives in North Carolina. I admire her 100-day “JOLT Challenge” — just one little thing — and her call for a global conversation on “life, gratitude, compassion and resilience.”

9.  Ify OkoyeIt takes courage to write about one’s faith online in a country that doesn’t always make you feel welcome. Ify Okoye, self-described “recovering news junkie”, photographer, “rebel with a cause” and a nurse, emigrated from Nigeria, so has a refreshing perspective on American life, from New York. Check her “What I Learned in Nursing School” post.

10.  Inspiration in FocusFrom Colorado, fellow kayaker Melissa Johnson shares “felt photos”, John Muir quotations and simple advice: “Connect. Learn. Be inspired. Share. Reconnect. Repeat.”

11.  7th Heaven PhotoblogI’m always checking blogs from India, and am really impressed with the work of Preetam Nath, who describes himself as an 18-year-old BTech and ECE student in Karnataka.  Only 18?  Such a sensitive soul …

12. Cristian MihaidCristian Mihai gathers a large community of writers and poses questions about what works and what doesn’t.  Lively, engaging commentary, from Romania.

13. Mullings of a Mind TrampRomantic poetry from Guy Nickwell.

14. PhotoNatureBlogThe Internet thrives on powerful nature photos, so admire these from photographer Jeffrey Foltice in West Michigan.

15. 400 Days Til 40Don’t want to spoil the fun for a blogger on a “quest to figure out life by 40.”

Thanks to all these creators for sharing their work worldwide, and congratulations for being the next to get The Versatile Blogger.