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Blogger awards come with rules attached, to help spread the love among other bloggers.

First rule with The Versatile Blogger is to share seven personal facts.

1.  I celebrate life every day, and do my best to share that joy with others.

2.  Living in gratitude helps me stay optimistic and moving forward.

3.  I am a disabled woman who tries to use pain as a motivation to (a) stay healthy and exercise every day; (b) complain less; and (c) help others in pain.

Kayaking offers the best in life: stillness and motion. Me, at Morro Bay, CA. (Hadi Dadashian photo)

4.  I am not a saint.  I get as cranky as anyone else dealing with chronic pain and aging with disability.

5.  Before I became disabled (Afghanistan war), I lived well, pushing my limits.

6.  After I became disabled, I continued to live fully, but had to learn to slow, to breathe, and to appreciate stillness.

7.  Love saved my life, and holds me, every day.

TOMORROW: Rule #2 of The Versatile Blogger — 15 blogs, 15 more awards