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I began this blog for one reason: hope.

I started it just before the 10th anniversary of 9/11 to show others that there is light after darkness.

That was six months before my own 10th anniversary, so I had selfish reasons too, for writing daily about hope and joy.

Response from all over the United States, and countries as far away as the Philippines, South Africa and Saudia Arabia has proved that there are many searching for something  uplifting in the blogosphere.

I’ve been happy to discover an international WordPress community of writers, artists, musicians, and photographers whose work celebrates the best of life.

One of these is Christine at Our Souls Purpose, who kindly gave this blog The Versatile Blogger award.  Thanks, Christine, for spreading hope and generosity through your words.  Thanks for honoring living in gratitude.

Christine and Deanna at Our Souls Purpose describe themselves as curious women on a journey of spirituality.

“Our hope is to help others find their souls purpose and learn to live their life with gratitude,” they write.

Christine describes herself as a “40-something wife and mom” who lives in Indiana, with her husband and cat, Shadow.  (There are four grown children, one of whom is to be married this fall — congratulations!)

I’m following Our Souls Purpose because Christine is a writer and empowerment coach  who focuses on “body + mind + soul.”

How many of us can say that we pay attention, every day, to that trio?  Some days, isn’t it enough just to care for one?

Christine reminds us that living fully and living well, means tending to all.

TOMORROW: Rule 1 of The Versatile Blogger award