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How many miles would you run, swim, ride to help vulnerable women?  Ask ultra-athlete Will Rogers.  He’s about to conquer desert, mountains, cities, and ocean to raise money to help exploited women.

Canadian ultra-athlete Will Rogers

Starting June 24, he’ll swim 22 kms, cycle 440 kms, and finish with a 500-K run, as part of a Million Dollar Journey to help the Servants Anonymous Society (SAS), in Surrey, British Columbia.

That’s almost 600 miles.

It’s an incredible goal, because of the demanding terrain Rogers will cover, from Canada’s desert country to grueling mountain passes to the rough Pacific.

It’s even more incredible because Rogers is a 53-year-old grandfather.

Rogers calls himself a “triathlete gone crazy” because he’s done this before. He did so many long-distance triathlons over rough terrain, he now calls them “just a warm-up.”

“I don’t even do them anymore,” Rogers says.

He swam and ran and rode so much, he just kept going. And going.

Will Rogers pounds the pavement to rescue women.

And then he met Surrey Mayor, Diane Watts, who suggested he put his considerable strength and stamina to helping others. She recommended SAS, which has helped hundreds of girls and women escape sexual exploitation and violence.

SAS-Surrey also won the top award in Canada last year for excellence in social services.  It won another William H. Donner Award for being the best non-profit for addiction prevention and treatment.

Will Rogers swims the Pacific for one part of his ultra-triathlon, staying clear of B.C. ferries.

I admire Will’s perseverance.  I’m amazed at his commitment. He works six months a year (a lot of overtime) and trains six months a year.

Will is celebrating his 25th year as a paramedic, so he knows a lot about challenges and helping others.

Will wants to grow into this, by building donations to $1 million. I’m sending a donation because I’m impressed by Will’s dedication to fitness, health, and helping others.

How many men would cover such a distance to help some of the most vulnerable women?

Will Rogers runs for Canadian women.

Ironman triathlons are “just a warm-up” for Canadian ultra-athlete Will Rogers.