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Congratulations on your engagement, Amy and Isaac!

Isaac Lamb has my gratitude for raising the bar on marriage proposals.

Yeah, yeah, it’s great that his proposal to Amy Frankel went viral — more than 11 million YouTube hits in only a few days. See it.

(Some claim this is the “world’s first lip-dub proposal.”)

I’m more grateful to Isaac for his belief in a union of two, supported by many.

Isaac showed the world that marriage involves family.  His brother starts off the video, putting headphones on Amy and explaining that the song she’s about to hear “exemplifies” what she and Isaac mean to him. They taped the Marry You video on a street near their parents’ home.

The five-minute proposal involved more than 60 of their friends, showing that marriage is strengthened by the support of a community.

This is a community of real actors and singers, performing in my city, Portland.

Yeah, yeah, we have Portlandia, Grimm and Leverage cast and crews here all the time, so singing and dancing in the streets isn’t all that unusual here.

But in a country where half of marriages end in divorce, and fewer boy-girl couples are getting married, I’m grateful to see two actors so happy in love that they’re willing to share their engagement with the world.

Isaac’s proposal after the Bruno Mars song is genuine and sweet.

“You have already given me a lifetime of happiness,” he told Amy. “Will you let me spend the rest of my life trying to give you the same?”

Amy was so overcome with tears/yes-I-love-you-silly-boy joy that she nodded yes. She kicked her heels like a little girl.

Thanks, Isaac and Amy, for sharing your special moment.