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Week 3 gets a big, fat B.

I found joy in work, writing every day on blogs, online articles, and a long-term project. I wrote when I didn’t feel like writing, testing my discipline to its limits this week.

I write for joy.  I write with joy.  I write in joy.

I hope you understand the distinction.  Every time I hear a would-be writer whinge about “writer’s block”, I offer this tiny slip of advice:  Don’t stop.

Take a walk; do some deep breathing; read, read, read. (When all else fails, just curl into Child’s Pose.)

Then, back to the keyboard.

see me write! (or pretending, using only 8 keys). Hadi Dadashian photo

Write whatever, friends, it will come.

Write; delete it all if necessary; repeat.

Consider the seemingly simple task of just putting fingers to keys. Write about that if nothing else comes to mind.

Remember, for a moment, all those who cannot write.  Consider thinkers imprisoned for the simple act of expression.

I write with joy because I have the ability to type and the freedom to put ideas on a screen.  I write with joy, seeing my wayward thoughts organized (somewhat) and transformed online and in print.

I write in joy because I love to share my gratitude for adventures, family moments, kindness between strangers, an encounter with nature.

There is joy in the response from community — especially our far-flung WordPress family (thanks!) — but the pure joy is in the expression, the testing of words, the weighing of words, and comparing how others use form and language.

When blocked, read, always read.

Writing is joy, especially when two cheques for my byline arrive the same day.

Join me here each Sunday for a progress report on my five-week plan for finding joy in everyday.