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I am holding this mental image of you:  You are standing at the front door, head bowed slightly, after a long day at work.

You appear fatigued, after a long day of physical work.

But the way your face brightens when you greet your partner fills me with love and admiration.

You have been blessed, and your arrival in our family is a blessing.

You are full of fire and passion, an independent thinker whose writing and films in two hemispheres have promoted peace and equality.  I am in awe.

You stand with the oppressed in the rain at their Occupy encampment. You encourage the vulnerable. You offer protection and unconditional lovingkindness.

You have made a home, where grace abounds.  Your commitment to peace and true equality is evident in your bookcase: Gandhi, Jesus, Buddha.

Yet it’s at dinner when the filmmaker, the speaker, and the writer are secondary to the man.

You’re surrounded by four strong, passionate women whose love for each other is boundless.  They’re feminists with strong beliefs about oppression too, in a way that men — and some women — don’t always get.

It’s not easy to enter this club.  Yet the laughter and warmth at this table show you were tested, and accepted.

Amid the joy and raucous conversation around this table, I pause to watch a man who accepts women as equals, yet offers strength and safety, as needed.  I admire your passion for community and for sharing.

Your commitment to community has me rethinking everything.

I am in awe of your selflessness, the love you show strangers, without need for public attention or gratitude.  I am in awe of your courage, evident in your films, writing and speaking.  I admire your public commitment to join the oppressed in their struggle for freedom and peace.  Peace, always.

Welcome to the family, friend.  Your passion is most welcome here.