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On Mother’s Day, you bound out of bed and call your Mom. Or, lazy like me, you just call her from bed.

It’s a glorious day here and there, all sunshine and birds singing and that impossible Pacific Northwest green that, thankfully, follows the rainy season. My mother and I are giving thanks for living on this beautiful coast.

After church, my Mom will celebrate with neighbors and friends, all women, by touring private flower gardens on Vancouver Island.

I can’t think of a better way for her to be honored on Mother’s Day than by celebrating her lifelong passion in others’ gardens.

I’ll be thinking of my Mom all day, wandering amid the Canadian flowers, noting this exotic rose and that cotton-candy-pink rhododendron, this ivy and that flowering shrub.

I’ll be thinking of the family celebration of Mother’s Day, when my Mom meets sons, a daughter-in-law, a niece and nephew and partner.

They’re gathering at her favorite Asian restaurant, so lots of choices and lots of family noise all ’round.  It makes me smile just to think of it.

My parents, 1954. (Photographer unknown.)

This was a double-whammy weekend of celebration for our family — our dad turned 80 too.

It has been a week of all-family, all-the-time.  There is joy in family every day.

Finding joy in everyday is a 5-week series, with progress reports here each Sunday.