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Portland wildflowers. (Kathleen Kenna photo)

Angry. Frustrated. Resentful. Bitter.

Name the negative emotion, and it’s been swirling about me like a swarm of hostile bees.

I don’t have time for this, so I’m practicing lovingkindness instead of negativity.

Example: Someone injures me with words — or I believe I am hurt — and I sit with it, in meditation, trying to see past the negative blast.

I am practicing lovingkindness, showing compassion instead of frustration.

We’re taught that positive thoughts can counter the negative, so I’m making more of an effort to be more calm in handling negative emotions.

I am sending out my inner joy, like little electric pulses, hoping to show there’s another way to deal with the disappointments of life.

I’m grateful for the example of sweet friends, whose lives of lovingkindness are an example to others, especially when we’re distracted by that swarm.