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We’re all older now; it’s been decades.

Decades since we all swam at the same lake, fished at the same lake, and explored the birch forest there.

It’s been decades since the grandparents who kept us all together lived at that lake.

It has been a long time since I thought about the lake, or the children’s laughter there, the fathers who swam with us, and the mothers who waited, anxiously, on shore, while we practised diving from our grandfather’s dock.

We’re all older, and it’s been decades since I’ve seen you.

Reconnecting today was the last thing I expected.  It was such an astonishment, I can’t say I believed we would ever see each other again.

Time can erase all boundaries, soothe old hurts, and renew the bonds that once seemed so solid they could never be broken.

We’re all older now, and it’s taken decades for us to learn that some bonds can appear to be weakened beyond repair — yet can be renewed instantly, if hearts are open.

I believe in hope.  I celebrate reconnection.  And I’m ever grateful for the wondrous healing of time.