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Some delete chain mail at the first sign of the FWD letters.

I’m thankful one of those e-chains reaches me from another country, every day.

Sometimes, five times a day.

I’m thankful that a favored aunt, who fills our lives with joy, finds stuff online every day for me and her network.  (It’s a private group, not FaceBook.)

Her finds of baby animal photos, uplifting YouTube music, funny and ribald cartoons … always make me smile.  Sometimes it’s just one LOL moment after another.

I share her emails with others, mostly family, because I know they’ll be cheered by her missives. We all feel the love she sends.

This aunt has such an infectious sense of humor, and such a hearty laugh, that her emails, like her personality, are endearing.  And precious.

Here’s a bit of one worth spreading:

This morning I searched my wallet. 

It was empty. 
Then, I checked my pockets 
I found a few coins. 

I then searched my heart and found you. 
Then, I realized how rich I really am.