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It’s time to get more serious about birds.

I’ve had a couple of days when I could not shake sorrow — helped, no doubt, by non-stop rain.

But this one bird seems to have decided to help.

Not to get too anthropomorphic, but really, this bird has been waking us almost every morning since the start of spring.

Could be a lark.  Not sure, since I’m not a birder.

His/her song is sweet and persistent.  Very persistent.

The singing just goes on and on and on, starting around 5 a.m.

I’m grateful for the wake-up call, because it helps me meditate early, in the dark, when the neighborhood is at its most quiet.

I’m grateful for the simple melody, because this bird’s song makes me think about the day ahead, and the promise of opportunities not yet revealed.

I’m grateful too, that this birdsong reminds me to live in the moment, and not fret.

I am truly grateful that her/his very loud trilling is so persistent, it makes me get up early to write.

I just know it’s going to be a good writing day!