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I’m giving thanks every day for spring flowers at winter’s end.

In the nation’s capital, flower beds are bursting with dazzling yellow daffodils, purple and yellow crocuses, purple hyacinths, and my favorite — delicate, white snowdrops.

Early irises on Washington, DC lawn (Hadi Dadashian photo)

Forsythia bushes are just starting to blossom all around the city, and big tulip magnolia trees are unfurling their waxy pink and white petals.

Spring has arrived a month early here, luring the first cherry blossoms in a city that celebrates these flowers with a joyous festival.

Back home on the west coast, the Sierra mountains are getting their deepest snow dump of the winter.

I’m thankful for this dramatic show of winter, because California needs the snowmelt for drinking water.  Without it, water supplies are threatened by serious drought.

Unless I’m skiing it, I’m grateful to admire the snow from afar, and revel in the premature arrival of spring, in all its dainty finery.