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Less than six months after launch, this blog has had more than 3,000 hits.

living in gratitude©

Seeing that stat yesterday, I was thrilled — not in the old ego way (‘they like me!), but in my renewed, life-is-wondrous way.

It means “living in gratitude” is reaching people like me, who see wonder everywhere.

From comments, it means this blog is reaching others who are seeking encouragement, who — just like me — sometimes need a lift, to find stillness, and take time to appreciate good in a hectic day.

Thanks to WordPress for a platform for expressing gratitude, sometimes quietly and in only a few words, and sometimes WITH GREAT NOISE.

Thanks to readers from Africa to America to Asia who have stopped by, to share my moments of gratitude. I am thankful that you share your “gratitudes” too.

I am grateful, grateful, grateful that we are in community, through WordPress.

Thank you.