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I share a poet’s love of symmetry, although it’s certainly not been a big part of my life.

living in gratitude©

So when our eldest niece became the first to marry, in the next generation of our family, I was elated that the new couple was planning to honeymoon in the same country we chose.

They didn’t know this until our wedding gift was opened — a simple photo of a tranquil place, in an artist’s frame.

The newlyweds had to postpone their honeymoon because of work, similar to our delaying our wedding 11 years ago because of work.

They chose Thailand for a honeymoon, after studying all kinds of romantic destinations, just as we had.

We were searching for a place of serenity, and found it in the noisy streets of Bangkok and the quiet beaches of Koh Samui.  We were thankful for the peacefulness and joy we found there, at the start of a new life together.

Through 11 years of marriage, we’ve been grateful for the welcoming, generous hospitality of the Thai people.  We’re thankful for their lasting example of loving-kindness to each other, and to guests — especially newlyweds.

I’m grateful another generation of our family is discovering a place we hold in our hearts, in peace and love.