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living in gratitude©

Want to know a four-letter word that most jobless people want to hear?


I’ve been unemployed two years, so trust me on this.

I am dancing-at-my-desk grateful for my first magazine cover story, honoring Canadian hero Rick Hansen.  (It’s my first major sports story!)

I’m grateful because the theme of this issue of Impact magazine is motivation and inspiration.

And Hansen has to be one of the most inspiring athletes of our time:  He’s the Olympian who powered around the world in a wheelchair 25 years ago.

No other athlete has matched it.

Read the online version here, and if you have a moment, check out this dazzling issue, page-by-page, by clicking here.  You’ll also see Hansen, 52, smiling through an adventure he claims he was too afraid to try — bungee jumping over a river.

I’m grateful for Hansen’s courage, his calm professionalism, his sense of humor, and his humility.  I’m grateful we had a little time to get to know each other, and to share his inspiring story of using his own disability (thrown from a pick-up truck; at 15, paraplegia) to show the world the potential of all people with disabilities.

I am especially grateful for his example:  Rick Hansen proves every day one person can make a difference so large, the benefits spread around the planet.

TOMORROW:  Hansen’s reasons for never giving up