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living in gratitude©

There’s a four-letter word I hold close today, knowing 2012 will be a happy, new year.


I have hope because I’m feeling strong, healthy and calm at the start of 2012.

I learned this morning that a new friend has breast cancer and, after major surgery, faces radiation.

I’ve done that, so I can be there for her, if she needs me.  Many women in my family have been through it, so I can tap a lot of knowledge and experience, if this new friend needs it.

We have hope.

My husband and I are dealing with unemployment by building our own business.  Only a few months in the making, it has replaced worry with hope already.  We’re excited about the opportunities ahead.

The troops are coming home, to this country, and to my home country.  Families are being reunited.  There is healing …

That’s hope!

I might not see world peace in my lifetime, but I have enough peace in my heart to share with the rest of the world.

And love.  I am blessed with so much love, from family and friends, that it lifts me, every day.  It has held me through the worst of times, and in 2012, I know, their love is strong and ever-hopeful.  We share the hope that this will a better year for many.

This morning, I opened a heartbreaking email to learn that another friend is struggling with darkness, after life-threatening illness, and mind-shattering (literally) disability.

Mon cher, I know there is light.  Hold on, please, hold on.

I am buoyed by hope, and have more than enough hope and faith and love to share.