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A friend’s gift of tickets to a Christmas concert in Canada introduced me to the world premiere of Ivo Antognini’s O Magnum Mysterium.

I was so moved, I posted about discovering the sublime.

Elektra Women’s Choir responded with an e-thank you note.

I was so impressed by their concert, and its inclusion of works from around the world, I checked their site.  I was impressed again.

Discovering Eleanor Day’s Oh, My Dear Heart there, I was so transported with joy, that I closed my eyes, while listening.

This morning, I woke to a sweet message on this blog from Ivo.

From Switzerland!  Thank you, WordPress.

Ivo is such a happy composer he uses words like love, “feel good”, and happy IN CAPITAL LETTERS.

This brightened my morning, and I checked his site to listen to one song after another there.

Including a YouTube video of O Magnum Mysterium, performed by the Vancouver Chamber Choir.

Ivo’s music is so sweet, I’m going back for more, later today.

After I send him a private email, thanking him for thanking me for expressing gratitude, through WordPress, for his gift of music.

Oh — and Ivo is such a generous, gracious man, he sends hugs in his message to everyone.

Now, that’s something you won’t get online every day.